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Contours of Noir | February 23, 2018

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Pierre Lemaitre – Work at gunpoint

| On 02, Sep 2013

lemaitrePierre Lemaitre has taught literature for many years and later landed a career as a novelist and screenwriter. He is the author of four novels for which he won several awards, including the Prix du premier roman Festival in Cognac 2006. Work at gunpoint was awarded the prestigious Prix Le Point du Polar Européen 2010. His novels have been translated into 13 languages.

From 12 September 2013, will be available in the library's new novel, the third translated into Italian and after Alex's wedding suit, in which the author compares with a current hot topic, the tragedy of unemployment, and does so with his usual acumen and deep psychological. Work at gunpoint won the Prix Le Point du Polar Européen best novel noir. The film of the same name is in the works and will have as its lead actress Sandrine Bonnaire.

This is the synopsis:
Alain Delambre is an employee, a framework of fifty-seven destroyed by four years of unemployment, forced to accept jobs disqualifying. The feeling of personal bankruptcy is soon followed by the humiliation of being mistreated for five hundred Euros per month. So the day when an entrepreneur decides to evaluate his candidacy as director of human resources, Alain Delambre is ready for anything, to borrow money, to humble themselves before the eyes of his wife and daughters, even is ready to participate in the last trial just to be taken: a role-playing game, the simulation of an abduction. Alain Delambre plunges body and soul in the fight to regain their dignity. But when he realizes that the dice are loaded, His anger has no limits. And the role-playing game turns into a massacre game.

You read something about him? The reviews of the earlier books are very positive and this intrigues me .. I hope to read it for you!

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