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Contours of Noir | February 23, 2018

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AA.VV. – Guide to horror literature

| On 30, Oct 2014

Pizzo_HorrorWalter Catalano, Roberto Chiavini, Gian Philip Pizzo and Michael Tetro are leading experts in horror cinema and literature, with their active hundreds of articles and reviews. Walter Catalano ha curato (together with Gian Philip Pizzo) collections of narrative fiction Ambiguous Utopia: 19 Tales of fantaresistenza (2010) Sinister and attendance (2013), edited by Bietti. Chiavini, Lace and Tetro are co-authors of the volumes: The great science fiction cinema (2 fully., 2001-2003) The great movie and fantasy (2004), both for Gremese; di Contact: all movies about aliens (Tedeschi 2006), Parallel Worlds: science fiction from book to film (Della Vigna 2011) and Guide to the Cinema of Science Fiction (Odoya 2014). Gian Philip Pizzo has also edited other anthologies of science fiction, including the last one is the Promised Land (Tabula Fati 2014), and participated as a co-author of the Guide to the Literature of Science Fiction (Odoya 2013).

A manual which aims to fill a glaring gap in the Italian, where is missing, unlike that for other genres such as fiction, or the yellow, a guide dedicated entirely to horror writers. There are essays on the subject, literary histories, guide al cinema, texts devoted to a single masterpiece, but nothing that relates to all the authors and characters.
A guide to horror literature consists of self-contained entries, to be read as stories in their own right and able to open a network of knowledge and imagination, with an effect of cross-references that intrigues and surprises. In this summary you are a dedicated group of critics and scholars among the leading experts in the field: Walter Catalano, Roberto Chiavini, Gian Philip Pizzo and Michael Tetro.
The items in this guide are primarily reserved for authors, with biographical data and overall evaluation of the production, box but also dedicated to the most significant works, the films based on their novels or short stories, any reductions in comics, the main characters, insights and curiosity.
The discussion starts from precursors such, the authors of the Gothic novels of the late eighteenth century (Walpole, Beckford, Radcliffe), then continue with the classics of the nineteenth century (Poe, Stevenson, M.R. James, Stoker) and the twentieth century (Bierce, Lovecraft, Matheson, Bloch) and get to the contemporary (King, Gaiman, Lansdale, Rice) and the latest best-selling authors (Meyer, Ligotti, Harris)A selection of ... 100 best horror writers in the world!

I 100 best horror authors from the eighteenth century to the present day
All films based on their novels and short stories
The reductions in comic books and video games
Box of insights and curiosity

"It is impossible to say how the idea I have come for the first time in the brain.
But as soon as I had conceived haunted me night and day.
I had no purpose. I hate to even. I loved the old.
He had never hurt. I had never insulted.
I did not want her gold. "
- Edgar Allan Poe, "The Tell-Tale Heart" -