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Contours of Noir | February 23, 2018

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Pierre Lemaitre – The wedding suit

| On 29, Oct 2014

Fazi Editore
Genere Thriller/Noir
Year 2012
335 pages – ebook
Translation of G. Cuva

1269Sophie has about 30 anni e fa la baby-sitter. But one morning he wakes up and finds the child you are caring strangled to death. He recently had a long series of blackout, the lot has happened unexplained (later find out exactly what and why), therefore has no doubts: she was. Ago so the only thing that comes to mind: get away. During the flight he meets a girl who tries to help her only to end up in turn killed. Continuing with the reading, we learn that there have been other deaths united by one thing: Sophie. The woman does not remember having committed any of the murders, but there are other explanations ...

In the second part of the novel we finally know what happened, what caused the chain of crimes. Do not add anything else because I risk spoiling the pleasure of unraveling the mystery, but I will just say that at that point things get even more interesting.

Then there are two other "parts", in which we see the consequences of what has happened up to that point to an interesting and unexpected conclusion.

To be honest, I struggled a bit 'through the first dozen pages. I do not know whether this is the style or the translation of Lemaitre (however, it seems to me that good), but the prose seemed to me initially a bit 'tricky. But soon I "picked up the pace", as it were, and I was "drunk" this novel in a few days.

The pace of the narrative is rather slow, with some accelerations usually very short (ma incisive), often not in the action but rather concentrated on the psychology of the protagonist, note that alternates moments of absolute clarity to uncontrollable panic attacks.

So it's quite a thriller sui generis, very psychological, constructed in a particular way, original, con flashback su flashback. In particular, as already mentioned, the second part of the novel back to events that occurred before the beginning of the novel itself, helping the reader to understand the causes otherwise mysterious.

Overcome the obstacle of the first pages, during which it is necessary to adapt to the pace of the narrative, the reading is then scorrevolissima and pleasant, thanks to the already appointed expert translation G. Cuva.

To sum, then, un thriller atipico, without gunfights and car chases, probably more complex than the media to follow and understand, but also much more satisfying.

Marco Piva-Dittrich

The writer:
Pierre Lemaitre taught literature for many years, and he arrived late for his career as a writer and screenwriter. It 'the author of four novels (Alex was released in Italy in 2011) for which he won several awards, including the Prix du premier roman Festival in Cognac 2006. The dress groom was awarded in 2009 Award Meilleur Polar Francophone Work at gunpoint while he won the prestigious Prix Le Point du Polar Européen 2010.