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Contours of Noir | January 21, 2018

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Pierre Lemaitre – Camille

| On 18, Apr 2015

10451649_844728192241558_4212183301224524600_nPierre Lemaitre, born in Paris, taught literature for many years and is now a writer and screenwriter. With his novels, all awarded by critics and audiences, has emerged as one of the great names of French noir. His works have been translated into more than twenty languages ​​and the rights have been acquired by the cinema. After Irene, just published by Mondadori, Alex is the second novel in the trilogy starring Inspector Camille Verhoeven. In 2013, the author won the Prix Goncourt with See you there, published by Mondadori with great success.

Now more and for Mondadori out the third novel in the trilogy, having as its title the name of the Commissioner Camille Verhoeven.
In libraries from 28 April 2015, we present the synopsis:

Anne Forestier is entering a jewelry store in the center of Paris, when suddenly burst of robbers who beat her savagely and disfigure. The woman, reduced almost dying, miraculously manages to escape and is rushed to hospital. And’ the only witness in the face and saw her attacker. Anne Forestier is not an ordinary woman: is in fact the lover of Commissioner Verhoeven, extraordinary protagonist of the novel “Alex”, who years before had lost his wife at the hands of a dangerous serial murderess. Upset, Verhoeven throws himself body and soul in this new survey that is for him to effect a personal matter. The hunt for the culprit is becoming more dramatic, especially because Anne is in danger: the robber, man of rare ferocity, is determined to find the woman and kill her for not being discovered and convicted. Verhoeven immediately understand who it is, knows his habits and his misdeeds, while ignoring many things Anne…The following is a face-off between the two dramatic and Anne is at stake. Touched deeply in her underwear, Verhoeven become a violent man and implacable, up to sacrifice all its principles. But in fact in this story who is the hunter and who is the prey?
A series of appalling crimes, a commissioner, Camille Verhoeven, out of the ordinary, with a tragic past and formidable methods of investigation. And Paris, off of every romantic light, gloomy scene of monstrous killers.