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Contours of Noir | February 23, 2018

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Massimo Carlotto – Per tutto l’oro del mondo

| On 15, Dec 2015

Editore E/O Collana Dal Mondo
Year 2015
Noir Genre
192 pages – paperback

copertina_1524Dear readers,
the previous "The band of lovers" had bequeathed a final wide open.
Giorgio Pellegrini. temporarily pardoned by our beloved three hearts outlaws, He does not deserve more to be found and be properly punished. The "grace" means only that the meeting is postponed. Marco Buratti, Benjamin Rossini and Max Memory not forget, waiting for the moment to settle the score.
I expected precisely this time in the new chapter of the series dell'Alligatore "For all the gold in the world" . But the author disoriented me and gives another story before Giorgio Pellegrini pay his bill.
A real story and cruel that has its roots in the social context of the Northeast.
A robbery in a house that ends in the worst way. To leave skin Gastone Oddo, the owner of the house, and Luigina, her ruler (leaving his son Sergio of twelve).
After two years of robbery Marco Buratti it is contacted to find out the culprits of the tragedy, but initially did not accept the Alligator. He will do later when his heart outlaws will understand that the real goal is to find the guilty one and only reason for, seek and obtain justice even though late and compensate for Luigina, guaranteeing a good future, His son Sergio orphaned.
"Maybe I can not stand the idea that the truth remains buried," I said, raising his voice,"Or that there is one victim too has a son too and that risk being ripped off for eternity".
"I understand," he snapped down again to walk. "We can not turn the other party". "We have our rules," I pointed out.
What will come out from the investigation will not be an unofficial framework uplifting.
As always in the name of God money, in this case represented by gold, It does not stop at nothing. There is no death or revenge that takes, indeed in the name of death and vengeance that the picture is not edifying discovered his natural habitat.
The protagonists of this story are told in the most unsuspected there can be.
Show a facade and in fact put their hands and their minds in crime that have their roots in a territory so close to us, roots well fortified and stable to make a mirage their total eradication. Will never happen?
Many of the protagonists will pay bitterly for their activities, there are those who become victim executioner to go back to being a victim in a game and role reversal devastating.
To conclude the event will be a betrayal. "It was the perfect solution at hand" .
Mi piace moltissimo la definizione che si autoattribuiscono Buratti, Benjamin and Max. they call themselves "outlaws hearts".
I like it because first of all use the word heart, which it is the part of the body that attach always emotionality, passions, affections. And’ true that in life we ​​often use logic and concreteness, but the heart should and must have an important part, determinant. And it is that which often use our three. In the story told not to accept the challenge to make an income statement but finally justice for victims, to people who have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.
And then outlaw, not only by the law of justice, but also and especially by the law of the new globalized crime.
"The unwritten laws that dominate the illegality were complex and not easy to interpret. They belonged to a world endangered by which we belong. The globalized crime that represented modernity had eliminated all, the only regulating element between the organizations were the balance of power. We were among the few remaining free men to strictly observe the rules. It was the only way to protect the weak and the victims. And the conscience ".
In this new installment you'll end Marco Buratti calvados and the beloved blues music with an interesting and further list of great songs. And even a new love. "I wanted to give and receive affection, affection. Kisses and caresses ". A tormented love. It could not be otherwise for the mind troubled dell'Alligatore. And basically we love it so readers.
Whenever Carlotto can tell through his words and his books a reality that we often forget, habit and / or because overloaded with so much information that we receive from everywhere. Forget mean aside, set aside while crime continues his work evolving criminal and creating more and more a spiral in which reality stifles honest and industrious. Certainly I do not know how all this can disappear, I know is that I will continue to read the stories of Carlotto and anyone like him tales certain realities with a style no-frills, direct and stories that even if they make use of characters invention have nothing invented, but there are very present.
In the finale of "For all the gold in the world" will find a substantial hint of what will happen in the next chapter in the series that I can not wait to read.
I for now I can only advise reading this expecting the continuation.

Cecilia Dilorenzo

The writer:
Massimo Carlotto è nato a Padova nel 1956. Discovered by the writer and critic Grazia Cherchi, debuted in 1995 with the novel The Fugitive, pubblicato dalle Edizioni E/O e vincitore del Premio del Giovedì 1996. Per la stessa casa editrice ha scritto: Arrivederci amore, hello (secondo posto al Gran Premio della Letteratura Poliziesca in Francia 2003, finalista all’Edgar Allan Poe Award nella versione inglese pubblicata da Europa Editions nel 2006), La verità dell’Alligatore, Il mistero di Mangiabarche, Le irregolari, Nessuna cortesia all’uscita (Premio Dessì 1999 e menzione speciale della giuria Premio Scerbanenco 1999), Il corriere colombiano, Il maestro di nodi (Scerbanenco Award 2003), Nothing, più niente al mondo (Premio Girulà 2008), The dark immensity of death, Nordest con Marco Videtta (Award Selection Stall 2006), La terra della mia anima (Premio Grinzane Noir 2007), Cristiani di Allah (2008), Perdas de Fogucon i Mama Sabot (Premio Noir Ecologista Jean-Claude Izzo 2009), L’amore del bandito (2010), Alla fine di un giorno noioso (2011), The world does not owe me anything (2014), la fiaba La via del pepe (2014) e il romanzoLa banda degli amanti (2015).
Sempre per le Edizioni E/O cura la collezione Sabot/age.
Per Einaudi Stile Libero ha pubblicato Mi fido di te, scritto assieme a Francesco Abate, Respiro corto,Cocaina (con Gianrico Carofiglio e Giancarlo De Cataldo) and, con Marco Videtta, i quattro romanzi del cicloLe Vendicatrici (Ksenia, Eva, Sara e Luz).
I suoi libri sono tradotti in molte lingue e ha vinto numerosi premi sia in Italia che all’estero. Massimo Carlotto è anche autore teatrale, sceneggiatore e collabora con quotidiani, riviste e musicisti.