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Contours of Noir | January 21, 2018

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The opinion of Massimiliano

Vincenzo Maimone – The constant variable

29 December, 2014 |

Publisher Frilli Brothers / Collana I tascabili noir Genere Thriller/Noir Anno 2014 224 pages – paperback with dust jacket

James Constant is the police commissioner of Acireale, his companion is Carla, trasferita temporaneamente a Milano … Read More

John Burnside – Glister

1 December, 2014 |

Publisher Fazi Necklace Roads Year 2010 309 pages – Translation of bound E. Terrinoni

The land around the chemical plant is sick, leaks and seepage from the plant chemical hopelessly compromised the entire … Read More

Lorenzo Silva – The meridian line

15 October, 2014 |

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing / Storytellers necklace Year of the Phoenix 2014 352 pages – brossura Traduzione di Roberta Bovaia

This is the seventh adventure of Brigadier Ruben "Vila" Bevilacqua accompanied by Sergeant Virginia Chamorro, ormai in coppia da … Read More

Tonino Benacquista – Things our. Underworld

11 October, 2014 |

Publisher Ponte alle Grazie Year 2013 233 pages – paperback with flaps Translation of F. Bruno

If there nominassero two locations, the first Newark, New Jersey, USA, the second Cholong-sur-Avre, Normandy, France, we might think … Read More

Piergiorgio Pulixi – The night of the Panthers

30 September, 2014 |

Publisher E / O Necklace Sabot / age Year 2014 Noir genre 288 pages – paperback

Yes again ... but this time not from the streets of the metropolis, from the paths of the "jungle", but the security cell in the basement of Police Headquarters; the … Read More

Irvine Welsh – Crime

26 July, 2014 |

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing Series Storytellers Year of the Phoenix 2009 377 pages – ebook Translation of Massimo Bocchiola

I can not associate the name of Irvine Welsh, Scottish class '58 , his first novel, which he did … Read More